Code of Business Conduct

The Code of Business Conduct provides guidance about business behavior expected of the FINLEASE staff as we work and interact with fellow employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Many of the policies in this code are based on various laws and regulations. Others are based on business and ethical principles that enhance our ability to conduct our business effectively.

The company is subject to laws and regulations both in Egypt and abroad. Violation of governing laws and regulations is unethical and subjects both the individual involved and the company to significant risk of fines, penalties and damaged reputation.

Obeying the law, both in letter and in spirit, is the foundation on which FINLEASE’s ethical standards are built. All employees must respect and obey the laws of the countries in which we operate. Although not all employees are expected to know every law that is applicable to the company, it is important to be familiar with those laws that apply to your areas of responsibility and to know enough to determine when to seek advice from the company’s
Legal Department.

The code applies to directors, employees, consultants, and representatives of the company. The code cannot address every possible workplace situation or list all of FINLEASE’S Corporate Policies and Procedures. Use it for guidance about our ethical standards and where to take your questions or concerns.

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