Why Lease?

It's about efficiency and adequate cash cycles

There are plenty of benefits to leasing rather than buying something outright, including:

  • Reducing your up-front cash outlay by spreading an expense over a longer period of time
  • Flexibility: We’ll help you tailor your payments to accommodate your company’s cash flows. Payments could be tailored to be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually in addition to having a flexible structure as step-up, step-down, fixed, balloon or seasonal instalments
  • Working with a single financing house (that’s us) to arrange a package of assets and minimize the administrative burden of dealing with multiple suppliers
  • High-quality advisory: Odds are good that whatever transaction you’re contemplating, we’ve done one like it before, leaving you ideally positioned to benefit from our base of institutional knowledge and experience.
  • If you’re looking to work with one of our Vendor Partners, our relationship may give you better access to maintenance and additional value-added services

Sustains a Competitive Edge

Businesses change almost daily. New competitors, new market forces, new financial strains, and new organizational structures all add up to a need for flexibility. When selecting new technology, one often wonders if it will be replaced by a faster, more powerful alternative next year, or even next month. Leasing can help avoid the risk of ownership because you only pay for the use of the equipment. When your lease expires, you can then buy the equipment, trade it in for the latest technology, or simply walk away (depending on the type of lease chosen). With leasing, you can put a technological “safety net” in place, so your companies’ competitive edge is never dulled by the process of moving up to faster, larger, or different equipment.


Leasing can overcome budget limitations

Do you have a capital expenditure budget that has no room for the purchase of new equipment, but an operating budget that has plenty of room for low monthly lease payments. For as little as the first and last monthly payments, you can start using your equipment.

Perfect Solution for Expanding Businesses

You deserve access to the latest equipment and technology. Leasing protects you from being locked into owning equipment that may not meet your future needs. You will have the flexibility to upgrade to the newest releases, features and functionality as they become available. Leasing is often the financing solution of choice for businesses that hesitate to buy equipment because they fear it will become obsolete before they can fully depreciate it.


Leasing offers a wide range of options and flexibility that purchasing equipment or standard loans do not. Leases are easily customized to meet a customer’s specific financial goals. From no cash up front, or grace periods, to Fair Market buyouts, or EGP 1 buyouts, leasing offers the customer the most flexibility with the widest range of options. Lease terms for capital equipment range from 12 months to 84 months and can be devised to keep up front costs low, or give the lowest monthly payments, or make the end of lease buyout as low as possible.

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